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Thanks, but please don't pin up our notices!

It has just come to our attention from emails sent to our website, that some well-meaning supporter has carefully laminated some of our little flyers and has stapled them to various fences and objects along the coastal path. WE as a group are not behind this action, and we would respectfully ask the person or persons involved to remove the posters again as soon as possible, which we will be doing ourselves as soon as we find them!

We are very grateful for anyone displaying the notices in their own property, in windows or in shops, but we don't condone an act like this in a public space where permissions have not been sought or granted.

it's great to get information out there so that the public have every opportunity to consider the plans and have a say, and ask for changes where necessary, but it's extremely important that we operate respectfully and within the law. If you see these laminated notices in Bangor please take them down and dispose of them in bins, appropriately, or better still use them in your own windows!

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