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Interview on Good Morning Ulster 11 Oct 2021

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Published 25 March 2021

"Dear Sir,

I wish to respond to Sustrans' prompt reply to our letter of 11th March re. their proposal to create shared-use Greenway between Kinnegar and Donaghadee. I will be referring, in particular, to the section between Holywood and Bangor. The planning application shows that Sustrans are planning a fundamental change in the function of the path along this coast; from a place to visit, play, sometimes walk, into a full-blown Cycleway.

In the article they did not address the 2 fundamental issues which we raised.


1 The total unsuitability of creating a cycle path which will also be used by walkers and their families and pets.


2 This stretch of coast is also a playground for many people especially on the beaches at Seapark, Helen's Bay and Crawfordsburn, and their adjoining open spaces.

It is impossible to reconcile satisfactorily the 2 functions.


You say that criticism is 'fuelled by a local culture that says it is a path for walkers and no one else'. Well, local people are those with most at stake. i.e. they are the main stakeholders.


You call the proposal an upgrade. that 'will primarily make it more accessible for most users'. It will make it more accessible for cyclists. For the rest, no......"

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