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Submitting an objection or comment

There are three main ways in which you can place an objection to this planning application.

First of all, you can simply send them an email.  The email address is   Please include the reference number LA06/2020/0530/F and try to include all the reasons you wish the application, in its current form, to be withdrawn.  

The other method is to use the facility on the Planning Portal.    

  • Go to

  • Put in the reference number LA06/2020/0530/F in the ‘key word’ box

  • Click on the tab that says ‘Comments’

  • Click on ‘Make a Comment’ and follow the instructions from there.  You may need to create a Login to do this.

You also can write them a letter, and post it to:

Planning Department

Ards and North Down Borough Council

2 Church Street


BT23 4AP

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Ards and North Down Borough Councillors contact details are published on the council website, we've grouped them by area below. There are 15 members on the Planning committee who may have a conflict of interest, but you may email them. Remember, they work as our representatives in government so ASK THEM to work for "another path" for cycling, and keep our coastline wild and beautiful!

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Ards and North Down Borough Councillors

……. Ards Peninsula:

Councillor Robert Adair, Deputy Mayor    DUP   

Mobile: 07706 714841

Councillor Joe Boyle  SDLP    

Mobile: 07711 932943

Alderman Angus Carson   UUP    

Mobile: 07715 175133

Councillor Nigel Edmund    DUP    

Mobile: 07599 235301

Councillor Eddie Thompson    DUP    

Mobile: 07935 908364

Councillor Lorna McAlpine       Alliance   

Tel: 07742 810688

…… Bangor Central   

Councillor Craig Blaney    UUP    Area: 

Mobile: 07711 761189

Councillor Alistair Cathcart   DUP    

Mobile: 07878 412736

Councillor Karen Douglas    Alliance    

Tel: 07525 744748

Councillor Stephen Dunlop    Green Party    

Mobile: 07711 126 592

Alderman Wesley Irvine   DUP    

Mobile: 07791 516755

Councillor Ray McKimm       Independent   

Mobile: 07722 571413

.......Bangor East and Donaghadee   

Councillor Mark Brooks, Mayor    UUP    Area: 

Mobile: 07967 792826

Councillor David Chambers   UUP    

Mobile: 07841 820184

Alderman Bill Keery   DUP    

Mobile: 07764 578499

Councillor Janice MacArthur    DUP    

Mobile: 07730 581285

Councillor Tom Smith    Independent       

Mobile: 07446 150036

Councillor Gavin Walker     Alliance    

Tel: 028 9147 2119

......... Bangor West

Councillor Connie Egan    Alliance    

Mobile: 07809 605613

Councillor Jennifer Gilmour    DUP   

Mobile: 07743 029661

Councillor Barry McKee      Green Party    

Mobile: 07968 526963

Alderman Marion Smith    UUP     

Tel: 028 9146 1739

Alderman Scott Wilson    Alliance      

Mobile: 07742 875 491


Councillor Stephen Cooper    TUV   

Mobile: 07963 902439

Councillor Trevor Cummings   DUP    

Mobile: 07889 678490

Alderman Robert Gibson    DUP    

Mobile: 07783 506608

Alderman Deborah Girvan    Alliance    

Mobile: 07872 857912

Councillor Philip Smith       UUP     

Mobile: 07568 081796

 .........Holywood and Clandeyboye

Councillor Gillian Greer    Alliance   

Mobile: 07709 350 825

Councillor Peter Johnson   DUP

Councillor Carl McClean    UUP    

Mobile: 07851 020856

Councillor Martin McRandal     Alliance    

Tel: 07973 159113


Councillor Naomi Armstrong-Cotter    DUP   

Mobile: 07792 805356

Councillor Colin Kennedy   DUP    

Mobile: 07837 936812

Councillor Nick Mathison    Alliance     

Mobile: 07985 725424

Alderman Alan McDowell     Alliance    

Tel: 028 9181 4895

Alderman Stephen McIlveen    DUP    

Tel: 028 9187 1441

Alderman Jimmy Menagh    Independent     

Mobile: 07884 307141

Councillor Richard Smart    UUP    

Tel: 028 9182 1587

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