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The Proposed Route drawings viewed on location

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Corner of Pickie Fun Park_edited.jpg


This part of the propose Greenway route is the one which we suggest would have the least environmental impact on the Bangor to Kinnegar route.    The path along this stretch has very little widening required.  As it is close to Bangor Town Centre, it is widely used by people who walk from the town centre for half an hour or so before returning, and families who have visited Pickie Fun Park to explore the beach at Skippingstone and at Brompton.  There are large green areas where people can sit and enjoy the view.  

You will often sea seals in this area, and if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of the family of otters.

Skippingstone beach has more recently become a popular spot for sea bathing, and a new shelter has been erected here.

Unpopular railings have been erected around a pumping station at Wilson’s Point next to a viewing stone.  The planning application for this is ongoing and has received a volume of opposition due to its unsightly appearance at a scenic point.

The first drawing along this stretch is Drawing 131, which depicts the proposed work coming round the back of Pickie Fun park at the end of the pier and beside the marina, round the corner until Skippingstone Beach.   The existing width ranges from about 5m wide till about 9m wide.  There is clearly no issue from an environmental point of view at this point.  The only work detailed here is one wall mounted sign showing shared use, just past Pickie fun park.

Some people have expressed concerns about speed in this area.  Because the path is so wide, some cyclists travel two or three abreast and go quite fast.   It does not seem unreasonable that the proposed sign should also include advice to travel at a reasonable speed of less than 12mph here to remind cyclists that although it is wide here, that parents should feel able to allow their children to run and play without a conflict of use occurring in this family-friendly area.

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