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For Another Path a movement started by concerned local residents, dedicated to the best outcome for the future of the coastline around North Down, Northern Ireland.

We believe that the Coastal Path is the jewel of the crown in North Down's natural heritage, a place where we can take time out of our busy lives and connect with wildness and the sea.  We also believe in the advancement of cycling as a safe, green alternative mode of transport. 

We feel that the plan currently put forward - to widen the coastal path to increase access and encourage cycle commuting - will fall short of the best outcome for our borough and its visitors.  In our view it is already a successful greenway - accessible for those who are not in a hurry and wish to use it as a gently meandering cycle route, but successfully, at present, shared by strollers, dog walkers, birdwatchers, families and other users.  

The tarmac widening and bridging scheme on the scale of what is currently passing through planning, under the label of "Greenway" will clearly diminish the wildness of the coastal path that is its unique appeal, without actually delivering a cycle commuting route that is fit for purpose.

We believe a better solution exists, in investment in nothing short of top-quality infrastructure for cyclists, away from the coastal path.  Various options are being explored.  Have you any expertise and passion to spare?

Get in touch, and join our efforts to draw up detailed, viable plans as an alternative to planning application LA06/2020/0530/F.

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